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Status: ONLINE
Connection Port: 27890
Query Port: 27890
Type: tron20
Game: tron20
Map: DM-03
Players: 0 / 16


Setting Value
aircontrol 50
autoaim 0
dedicated 1
fraglimit 40
gamemode openplaying
gamespermap 1
gametype Deathmatch
gamever 1.019
hostname KA DeathMatch
hostport 27890
mapname DM-03
maxping 0
maxplayers 16
modname Retail
numplayers 0
runspeed 120
timelimit 15

Greetings programs! The GCP (Gamespy Control Program) has decided to drop support for our beloved Tron 2.0 game.
We resist. TRON LIVES. Enter your own machine HERE.

Also, please pay LDSO a visit. They are a great support in our resistance.
End of line.